The BioBus is a mobile collection vehicle specialising in high throughput collection of specimens for DNA barcoding.  The Bus is part of an on-going study aimed at gathering a collection of voucher specimens and tissue material of animals occurring in Canadian National Parks for subsequent molecular analyzes at the Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding and for authoritative identification by taxonomists.  Our goal was to collect specimens from a broad range of taxa within these parks and subsequently to recover high-quality sequences of 655 base pairs of cytochrome c oxidase subunit I gene (CO1, the standard animal DNA barcode).  These specimens and their sequences then become part of the growing collection of reference library DNA barcodes of Canadian animals (

Even while under construction, this reference library is intended for use by the broader scientific and amateur naturalist community.  These reference DNA barcodes are linked to authoritatively identified voucher specimens deposited in major collections where they are accessible for examination and in-depth analyzes by all interested researchers. Until a species gains a formal taxonomic identification, each divergent barcode group (>2% from nearest neighbour) is assigned an interim provisional unique identifier.  This permits the necessary subsequent taxonomic revisions to be completed at maximum efficiency.