Training Opportunities

BIO is on the forefront of methodological development in all aspects of DNA barcoding, ranging from collection management and imaging techniques to routine Sanger-sequencing and next-generation sequencing. Being part of the Canadian Barcode of Life Network and the International Barcode of Life Initiative (iBOL), BIO has built and maintained extensive research partnerships with leading biodiversity research facilities all over the globe, with many international projects underway. Training and information exchange in DNA barcoding methods are a key component of these collaborations.

Since its establishment in 2005, the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario has been host to hundreds visitors from around the world, conducting overview tours of our high throughput facility, hosting training seminars, and providing hands-on experience in the field of biodiversity genomics, particularly DNA barcoding. Researchers from BIO have led several training workshops abroad and provided expert advice to our iBOL partners in setting up DNA barcoding workflows in their own facilities.

Currently, BIO does not have a dedicated visitor programme; however, we welcome interested researchers and graduate/PhD students who have funding to support their travel, stay in Canada and laboratory work. For international visitors with limited institutional funding, opportunities exist to sponsor their visit through research and training scholarships offered by the Government of Canada.

BIO receives many inquiries about visitor opportunities, but our ability to accommodate multiple visits simultaneously is limited. To ensure that we offer the best training experience to each visitor without sacrificing the performance of our staff, it is important that every visitor inquiry is channelled through proper application procedure. If you are interested in visiting our facilities, we ask that you download and fill out this visitor questionnaire. Please return the completed form to

Any questions regarding the BIO visitor programme or the application form can be directed to the same email address.